Fixing A Broken GameCube Door Switch

Posted by on Apr 4, 2017 in cube
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Just a quick one today! While repairing a GameCube I installed the top shell without leaving the door open and when you do this, you can easily break off the small arms which tell the unit if the door is open or closed.

I turned on my unit and it went straight to the menu and the disc didn’t even turn. That got me thinking either the laser is stuffed or the unit doesnt know the door is closed and low and behold, I found my culprit! For some reason the GameCube has two little arms which both have to be down for the unit to know the door is closed.

Looking at this small board, it has one connector which plugs it into the main unit. The connector is 3 pins but one is not used, so I got the idea, just bridge the two pins and the unit will always think the door is closed!

A little kynar wire and a hit from the soldering iron and it worked! I reinstall the unit, plugged in the connector and now the GameCube always registers the door as closed. It is a little risky but I am up to the safety challenge.

I realise my wire loop here is rather large, after I took this picture I cut off a much smaller piece and used that instead šŸ™‚ Since the middle pin is not connected to anything in theory you could also just use a big ass blob of solder to connect the two points.