Where To Buy Retro Games In The Baltics: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

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I am Australian but I live in Estonia and there isn’t a huge scene here but definitely there are some good places to find some hauls. Back in the day, Estonia was part of the USSR which ended around mid ’91 sometime and even after this they didn’t have much money so there were genuinely not a lot of original consoles. Never the less, there are a few good stories around and some bargains to be found in the classifieds if you look close enough.


My home land! I know of two stores which both have online shops. Also I take the time to trawl the online classifieds and have a new saves searches for new stuff.

Alzgamer: These guys have a physical store in the PK mall in Pärnu, which is like Estonia’s 4th biggest city. The selection is good and they get new stock pretty often. The prices are slightly too high for my liking, although I do respect they have gone to the trouble to make an actual store so wtf do I know about the retail business. Their selection of GameCube games is pretty good but again, be prepared to pay for it. Lots of PS and Xbox from early to latest titles and they have a good range of second hand hardware. When I am in Pärnu I usually head there and find myself a bargain to take home.

HobbyGamer: Nice guys who run an online store and occasionally pop up at local markets. Good selection although they online store hasn’t been updated in a while. Postage is nice and cheap inside Estonia (you can pick up from their place outside of Tallinn I believe) and I’ve bought a bunch of stuff from them.

I also spend my days looking through online classifieds on Osta.ee (they even have an English version) and Okidoki.


Videogames.lv: They have two physical stores in Riga and mostly have merchandise and newer games but have a decent supply of retro stuff and a shit ton of old Russian knock off Dendy (and similar) games. I got my Russian Master System from these guys and they were easy and pleasant to work with.

Lovegame.lv: A store with mostly new stuff but they have a good range of PS2 games at decent prices


I asked my buddies in the known down in Lithuania and they said they couldn’t find any store which had a webshop. They did link me to a local online classifieds called Skelbimai which seems to have some decent stuff. Lithuania is the largest of the 3 Baltic countries so it does stand to reason they may have the biggest classifieds scene.

Online shops for mod hardware and interesting stuff

ToToTEK: Some cool modding and custom hardware stuff. I got my FDSStick from here for 20 bucks which basically emulates the disk drive of a Famicom Disk System (you still need a RAM adapter)

Krikzz: These guys make the “EverDrive” range of flashcarts. Basically these are custom carts with a slot for a SD Card and you can load all the games at once onto it. I really want an N64 and Master System one but they will cost ya. Something for Christmas.

EurAsia: You want modchips and weird custom boards to do some hacking? Yup, thought so.

R4 3DS: Got loads of flash cards for GameBoy and DS. If you have a GameBoy Advance the Supercard Mini is probably your cheapest options for a flash card. They also have DSTT cards for DS available and I have one and can attest they work great.

BennVenn: This has has some interesting Homebrew GB flash carts but they seem out of stock.

Other stores in my bookmark list

Here are some other online shops I use cause the internet is life

ConsoleMAD: Nice online shop based in the UK

Retro Game Base: Physical store in London and online sales

GameShop: Based in Sweden, due to their love of socialism and high prices, virtually impossible to get a bargain in Scandinavia but its nice to browse and say “tell him he’s dreamin’