Super Famimcom and Famicom AV Haul From Japan

Posted by on Sep 19, 2016 in famicomAV, superfamicom
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A friend of a friend just got back from living in Japan and he was so kind as to bring me back some goodies direct from the land of the rising sun.

Namely I got myself a Super Famicom and a Famicom AV. A Super Famicom is nothing more than a Japanese Super Nintendo, but it is shaped like the Australian version, which might mean why I am more emotionally attached to the Japanese version here.

The Famicom AV is the last release of the classic NES, completely redesigned to not have the shitty front loaded which always breaks PLUS its much smaller (closer in size to the original Japanese Famicom) PLUS it used a standard multi-out Nintendo for audio and video. It only works with the cables coming out of AV however. I tried a multi-out to SCART cable and this didnt work, I believe because the Famicom AV doesn’t put out RGB. You can however put those AV cables into a SCART adapter, that works. I think the Famicom AV is THE unit to play original Famicom games (there was also a similar looking version for American carts too). The unit is reliable and the output is the best you will get from that system. I have a original Japanese Famicom which supports only RF out and I never found a good way to tune it to my European TV.

I got some games too, all work great. In my previous post I go through cleaning the Super Famicom controllers but it was pretty easy.

Famicom AV was about 75€ and the Super Famicom around 35€. Famicom AV are more rare, they produced they very late in the life cycle of the original Nintendo, they had actually already released the Super Famicom, so technically this machine is the older of the two.