The Games In Spain Fall Mainly On The Public Domain (or how I scored a motherload like a Spanish Conquistador)

Posted by on Aug 10, 2016 in cube, fourscore, gameboy, gameboyadvance, multiplayer, segasaturn
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I have been holidaying in Malaga in Spain for a week now and total, quite randomly, I stumbled across one of the greatest retro games stores I’ve ever seen.

These guys have a motherload, C64 carts, Spectrum titles, loads of NES, SNES, GB, GBA, MD and MS stuff. Saturn games for my new system which should arrive soon. They has an old Atari 2600, dirty but still nice to see it.

The place is called “Game Play Stores” even though I think there is only one location. The owner guy is very nice, only speaks a little English but understands very well.

If you follow the link to their website, there is even more gear there. Fabulous collection from a guy who clearly has a passion for this.

Here is my first haul.

A black GameCube with leads but no controller, 40€


Dusty old thing but I reckon I can clean it up well. 40€ is about average but I dont need to pay postage to Estonia or any insane import tax. Really this provides me nothing more that I can’t already do on my Wii RVL-001 with GC ports but screw it, I really want one of these. I don’t even gave any GC games yet.

ExciteBike NES Classics GBA, 8€


Cause I love Excitebike, that’s all

Soviet Strike, Sega Saturn, 9€


Soon I’ll be getting a Saturn which was gifted to me by one of Tim’s mates so why not go for a game set in crazy former Soviet setting as I sit in a un-crazy former Soviet country.

Original Game Boy Four Player Adapter DMG-07, 7€


Why stop the multiplayer hyjinks at my last post? Lets see how many Game Boy’s we can hook up in what combinations! This means I may need to get a few more Original Game Boy DMG-01 units. Fine. For science.

Original NES Four Score in Original Box UNOPENED, 15€


This has me the most excited! This is an original Four Score, but it is in PERFECT boxed condition. Like at first I thought this was some knock off unit because the box looks like it was made yesterday. No fading, nothing. Closer inspection shows that it was made in 1991 and this thing is 25 YEARS OLD! WTF! I am not even sure if I wanna open this, everything is perfect. The guy had three of these too, I bet hes got more out the back. Sounds like some box sat unopened for years and he made a find.

UPDATE – Some stuff I read makes me believe this Four Score only works on PAL systems. Firstly, WTF it’s a friggin multitap, why does it need to be region locked but secondly, I don’t care, I only have 2 controllers anyway and this baby is staying in it’s glorious perfect box.

I am really excited about this store. I am now obsessively looking over the webshop to find anything I might buy tomorrow. Gamecube Game Boy Player? mmmmmm only if it has the CD! They have a Gamecube modem too, but that’s kind of useless these days, but if it were the Ethernet adapter, that’s still interesting. Oh and they have a Model 1 Sega Mega Drive too. It’s pretty easy to find a Model 2 Mega Drive but the Model 1’s are less common in Europe. Their Nintendo 64 collection is also excellent but N64 is fairly common and I need to save my money for.. you know… food.