The Inside of a Game Boy Color Pokémon Pinball Cart

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 in cartridge, gameboy, gameboyadvance, pokemon
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Just cause I think it looks really sweet.

There is this very light blue shade over the green circuit board, I have not seen something like this before. Right up the top of the rumble pak so the thing vibrates and the AAA battery goes across the middle. The round battery you see there is only used for save games and saving settings.

Serial number DMG-A11-01, all the Game Boy stuff was prefixed with DMG, for example the original Game Boy unit has a serial number of DMG-001 and “DMG” stands for “Dot Matrix Game” which was an early code name for it, or just a concise Japanese description for the Game Boy really.

My cart didn’t come with a AAA battery cover and no one seems to have them for sale individually on eBay.

The most important part? Pokémon Pinball is really fun to play and play’s just fine on every Game Boy unit from the original right up to the Advance SP.