Game Boy Advance Multiplayer With Only 1 Game Cartridge! What Insanity Is This??

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 in gameboyadvance, multiplayer
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Most of my mates now know they can offload their old shit to me for a few bucks or a handjob so I have ended up with two Game Boy Advance SP systems. The blue one came with nothing, just the unit but the black one came from Ari who still had the box, an original link cable and a bunch of games, which I later figured out were all fake carts but hey, they mostly all worked.

I wanted to find out what I can do with two GBAs and I found out that some multiplayer games support using only one cartridge. There is a crazy network boot option in the GBA so you can plug the link cable in, fire up the game on one cart, head to the multiplayer settings and then turn on your second GBA and you can play from there too.

This also works with Mario Kart Advance and I managed to navigate the Japanese menu and repeated the same thing. Too bad I’m sitting here on my own but as soon as that batshit crazy party starts, I’ll be the first one to crack out the Game Boys.

The GBA also play’s original gray Game Boy carts (you knew that right?) and link games from that era do work too, although I’ve found some weird shit with Tetris I’ll explain in another post.

I love the entire Game Boy line because they were all region free, so you can order Japanese carts and they work great, maybe you need to fumble through a few Japanese language menus but that’s part of the fun right?